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who we are

We're a creative digital agency based in Uganda

For close to 5 years, 80/20 Marketing Ltd has incorporated strategy, creativity and technology to deliver outstanding and effective communication to its clientele.

We enjoy the fast-paced ever-changing atmosphere of the communication world and the energetic personalities and critical thinking of our creative team lends themselves well to our work.

We have worked with a number of companies ranging from the Private to Public Sector, NGOs both Local and International coming up with concepts and delivering to them unique, entertaining and engaging communication campaigns.

Our Mission

"To collaborate with businesses and individuals helping them attain success by initiating and executing marketing strategies that will take them from ordinary to extra- ordinary"

Creative Skills

Great Support

Our Vision

"To become the fountainhead of our client’s success through providing unique and well thought ideas that will later on help them achieve their goals"

Our Values

Commitment, Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork, Quality, and Accountability

We derive our name from Economist Vilfredo Pareto's 80/20 Rule. 80% of sales come from 20% of clients. We therefore help you discover your best clients, locate them, identify their niches and keep them delighted in your products or services”

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We provide the best services to our customers

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Content Creation

Our expertise and interest in multiplying reach and increasing conversation around campaigns enables us to spread information further to our client’s audiences by creating unique, creative, entertaining, and engaging concepts.


We create brands from scratch and also help existing brands to further brand themselves by providing highly innovative solutions that enable them increase their value and visibility, giving employees direction and smoothening the acquisition of new clients.

Print, Publication & Signage

We get client’s ideas and convert them from Soft to Hard Copy enabling distribution and circulation. We also integrate the details of how our clients want their signage to look like & function then help come up with unique designs, manufacture and install them.

Public Relations

Public relations is a great way to build your brands’ image. 80/20 strategies will keep you on track for leveraging your brand positioning and achieving its goals.

Social Media Management

55% of customers and 70% of B2B Purchase decision makers do their Research using social media…making your company’s social media presence vitally important.

You might be spending most of your marketing budget on Traditional outbound marketing methods like print advertising, TV and Radio Adverts which aren’t bad but most of your competitors have taken to social media which appeals to all ages and demographics.

Why Choose Us?

 Young and vibrant team with fresh and new ideas
 Quality guaranteed.
 Our commitment to excellence

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"Creating Products And Experiences With a Lasting Impact"

Some of our Key Ingredients

Anthea Turwomwe M

Business Development Manager/ Founder

David Masanso

Creative Director

Aggie Patricia Turwomwe

P.R Specialist

Anna Acen

Client Service Executive

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